Request Advertising Information for Hawaii Weddings Magazine™

Rate Card 2017

Size 1 Time 2 Times (per) (W x H)
(All rates below are for black and white ads – 4 color ads add $800.00 additional (see below))
Full page $4,640.00 $2,800.00 (black & white) 7-1/2″ X 10″
Half page $2,575.00 $1,655.00 7-1/2″ X 4-7/8″ or 3-5/8″ X 10″
Fourth page $1,345.00 $975.00 3-5/8″ X 4-7/8″
Business card $625.00 $400.00 3-5/8″ X 2-5/16″

Additional Color Charges

1-Spot Color (besides black) Add $450.00 to above rate
4-Color Process Add $800.00 to above rate

Special Positions

Front Cover Purchase (one time only) $6,780.00 (product & logo part of cover – designed by publisher)
Inside Front Cover Add $800.00 to the total space & color rate.
Inside Back Cover Add $400.00 to the total space & color rate.
Back Cover Add $800.00 to the total space & color rate.
Coupon Ads Cut out coupon Ads are not accepted


50% of space cost with contract. Balance due with camera-ready ad.

Recognized Agencies: 15% (Does not apply to discounts or special promotions)


Space Deadline Digital-Ready Summer/Fall Winter/Spring
January 20 March 20 May
August 30 September 16th November

Magazine Size & Digital Ads Specs

Magazine trim size: 8-1/2 X 11

Bleed: allow 1/8″; keep live matter 3/8″ inside of trim

scan 300-600 dpi to size

PDF file. Email to:


Website stat tracking survey* October 2016 – December 2016 household

100% Women 25-42 years 91.3%

annual income
$15-25,000.00: 9.6%

$25-50,000.00: 20.1%

$50-75,000.00: 68.4%

$75-100,000.00: 1.9%

* updated 06/2015

Fashion/ Photography/ Models

Approved on-location production photo shoots with at least two pages of color fashion feature: $3,200.00 on Oahu only. Does not include display ad.

Neighbor island photo shoots: $4,600.00 includes all airfares and ground transportation. Does not include display ad.

Display advertising is separate.


Since its conception, Hawaii Weddings & Honeymoon Escapes Magazine™ has been setting the trend for Hawaii’s Future Brides with its’ FAST MOVING pace — always presenting a clean, fresh and appealing look in every issue. Since its conception, it is the FIRST and ONLY magazine in Hawaii with in-depth profi ling – featuring world-class calibre services— all designed to assist brides in the most practical way.

Informative & Visual: It is Hawaii’s MOST informative wedding magazine. Hawaii Weddings & Honeymoon Escapes Magazine™ selects World Class Wedding Services based on what brides are looking for on our web site survey. All features are approved by the publisher.